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Kotsovolos: Case of a failed e-mail campaign


I recently received a promotional e-mail from an e-shop I mainly use to buy home appliances in Greece that was really funny: at the top offer there was a TV, but although the e-mail had been just sent (judging from its date/time stamp) the image already had a mark “exhausted” (out of stock) on it.

Obviously it was pulling the e-mail images from the e-shop’s web server, but it’s impossible to  believe that so many clients had rushed already to buy that TV. Most probably they had too few items stocked on it, but then you don’t make that the top offer at your e-mail campaign.

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  1. 2011/09/13 at 18:32

    I think that “out of stock” is a better translation. I’m trying to think if “exhausted” can be also used in this context, but I can’t remember.


    • 2011/09/13 at 21:02

      indeed, tried to do an exact word translation to show how the reader of the e-mail feels when viewing that image banner. Obviously exhausted in that image context means “stock exhausted” so I added an (out of stock) note in the text just in case

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