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Suggestion: implement ignore keyword or allow missing catch block in C#

This is a suggestion I’ve just sent in via Visual Studio’s “Send a frown” feature (rewritten here a bit differently from memory, since that feedback channel doesn’t allow you to access your previous feedback as the Microsoft Connect or the Uservoice site does) :

Instead of having to write


catch (SomeExceptions)
//NOP (ignored)

I’d like to be able to write


ignore (SomeExceptions);

and similarly if a finally block is used, allow:

try { … }


finally { … };

That is, I suggest adding an “ignore” keyword, introduced to C# in order to ignore specific exceptions.

Alternatively, could allow a missing catch block, so that the catch (…) clause would be able to be followed directly by a “;” to end the try/catch statement, or by a “finally” clause and its code (sub)block.


catch (SomeExceptions);

and when finally block is used:

try {…}


finally { … }

I’ve also uploaded this for voting up here:

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