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Eco-unfriendly Philips shipping empty software CD with just a URL in it

I just got an (overpriced) Philips PTA01 USB adapter the other day to make my Philips Smart TV also work wirelessly (apart from via Ethernet cable) and it came with the Philips MediaConnect software on a CD, or at least I thought so till I placed the CD in my computer.


I then found out the CD just contains an icon, a URL shortcut and the autorun.inf file that tells Windows to launch that URL shortcut and open a webpage where you can download the MediaConnect software. The activation key is on a label at the front of the CD paper sleeve.

They haven’t heard of auto-updating software it seems, neither about eco-friendly practices and sustainability. Philips sure gets a prize for the worst practice there. They could have just placed a sticker with a short URL and a QR code for downloading the software, together with the activation key at the instructions leaflet instead.

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