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text transforms: TemplateFilter, TextCaseConvertion, CharConv, Dos2Unix, Unix2Dos, ClearTextFilter

Added various tools related to text transformations at my tranXform website (30-Sep-2010 update):


DOS filter – parses CSV-style multi-column (“;” separator) input text rows (one row per text line) and generates text based on a supplied template that is applied per input row


simple GUI-based tool to convert string to upper-case, lower-case and camel-case


Windows and Microsoft Word GUI for Text transformation given character set mapping (from/to) and calculation of mapping given matching (portions of) source and target text

Useful for deciphering copy-pasted text from PDF documents that ends-up with strange character swaps in it due to encoding reasons


DOS filter – converts CRLF (Dos/Windows style) to LF (Unix style) for text ending line markers


DOS filter – converts LF (Unix style) to CRLF (Dos/Windows style) for text ending line markers


DOS filter – converts control characters to space chars

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