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Windows Phone 7 – Minimize cellular data connection usage

Lately, several posts (e.g. were mentioning issues with overcharging related to cellular data connection usage of Windows Phone 7.

From what I read later on, after looking into those incidents, Microsoft said that a certain popular application has been identified that was exchanging too much data without need and they’re working with its manufacturer to fix it.

To be safe though, better follow these tips:

  1. At “Settings / Phone Updates” it has option “Use my cellular data connection to check for updates”. Should uncheck that.
  2. At “Settings / Feedback” it has option “Use my cellular data connection to send feedback”. Uncheck that too.
  3. At “Settings / Cellular” select “don’t roam” and also
  4. At “Settings / Cellular”, close “Data connection” if not using it, to be safer. Use “Settings / Wi-Fi” instead. It’s unfortunate that Windows Phone 7 doesn’t keep settings for multiple wi-fi networks and forces you to re-enter password etc. every time you move to another wi-fi network (say move between home, work, a local café, some friend’s house etc.)
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