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Nice DeepZoom image samples via ClipFlair Studio’s Image component

Here are some DeepZoom image samples to enjoy via ClipFlair‘s Image component, in our ClipFlair Studio app (Silverlight-based):

Another impressive one is this Mandelbrot fractal, a dynamically generated DeepZoom image from Google AppEngine SDK demos:

You can point the mouse and scroll the mouse wheel or double click to zoom in where you want.

One can make DeepZoom tiled images and DeepZoom image collections (can read more at with various authoring tools, including DeepZoom Composer (can read more about that tool at

However, the easiest way is to use ZoomIt service ( to make a DeepZoom image wrapper (hosted at that site) for any big image on the web (giving it the original image URL). e.g. is a ClipFlair Poster (the respective DZI image is at – internally ClipFlair’s image component converts URLs to get the real .DZI image and show it)

Who’s that girl?

I guess you know the classic pop song "Who’s That Girl" from Madonna:

When I came across the following “You need to log in to read this article” page at NewScientist, I had a feeling of Déjà vu


Indeed, it was the same hard to miss pretty face from the home page of a remote control / remote support software I like a lot, TeamViewer:


Looking carefully at the shirt she wears, being the same one, both photos must have been taken at the same photo shoot and most probably licensed from a stock photo website.

Attention to detail pays of eventually Ο Γελαστούλης κλείνει το μάτι

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