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Zune window preview at Win7 taskbar acts as mini-player with rating


Just noticed a nice little touch by Microsoft at Zune player when running on Windows 7. When you move the mouse cursor over the running Zune application button on the taskbar you see a mini-player in the preview window that pops up. It even has a “heart” button there to rate the current song as a favorite one (full heart) or one you dislike (broken heart). Note that songs rated as dislikes can be configured at Zune settings to not sync with external portable devices.

There is one bug there though, it only shows the album/song title (alternating at every popup of the preview [the taskbar previews are live window previews btw on Windows 7]) if the Zune application is minimized. Else it doesn’t show the title at the top of the preview window.

Free song of the day by Magnature

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Creative Nomad Muvo TX “File System Error”

I recently had problem with Muvo TX saying "File System Error". Many people seem to have this issue. Use WinXP (not Vista) and IE7 or something to visit Creative’s homepage and use their online repair tool for such USB devices. It fixes the error fine (installs new firmware and formats the device). Make sure you allow the ActiveX control to run (with IE7 right click the yellow bar that shows up on the top of the repair tool page, with IE6 or earlier repsond positive to the dialog shown)
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Windows Vista (sound) driver for CMI9880 (Azalia) codec (ASUS P5GD2-X mb)

read first:
grab the flexbass driver:
UPDATE: The above links don’t work anymore (have changed them to point to the link mentioned below), maybe some C-Media assets were acquired by NVIDIA cause Windows 7 says my audio chipset is "NVIDIA nForce Audio Processing Unit".
Can get a x64 driver for CMI9880 (Azalia) from ASUS support (also have x32 version there) that does work with Windows 7 (not initially working, but after some recent seemingly unrelated Win7 updates it suddenly has started working [their control panel applet still crashing though i think])
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