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Gotcha: use server-side comment, not HTML comment in

I try to remember to use <%– and –%> instead of <!– and –> for comments in server-side web pages, to avoid having implementation details (for security reasons that is) in the output HTML and to keep the download size smaller / have the pages load faster.

What came to me though the other day while making some metadata editing pages for ClipFlair Gallery, was that if you don’t use server-side comments and use classic HTML comments in server-side pages, the code inside the HTML comments is executed at the server side and its output is placed in HTML comments at the web page the client browser downloads.

So this can potentially lead to a very big download and to increased time to generate the page at the sever-side if you accidentally comment out some code block you were using for testing and don’t use server-side comments, but use HTML comments instead to comment it out.

What got me into suspission was the syntax highlighting of Visual Studio 2010. Note below that <%@ Register isn’t highlighted green (as it would be in a server-side comment).

<%@ Page Language="C#" 
         Title="ClipFlair Activity Gallery"


<%@ Register Assembly="CustomXml" Namespace="PAB.WebControls" TagPrefix="cc2" %>




Probably JavaEE’s JSP behaves similarly (uses the same symbols for server-side comments), but haven’t tested it.

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Fix: Java ServletException: IncompatibleClassChangeError

was getting an error like the following at your JavaEE Servlet (Portlets are also Servlets under the hood btw):

javax.servlet.ServletException: javax.portlet.PortletException: java.lang.Throwable: java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError: : incorrect call to interface method


at first I thought the issue was with:

  <bean:message class=”someCSSstyleClass” key="someMsgKey"/>


and used instead:

  <span class="someCSSstyleClass"><bean:message key="someMsgKey"/></span>


in case the “class” attribute at bean:message tag was meaning a Java class instead of a CSS class

But, kept  on getting the same error…

Then I tried a “Clean and Build” instead of just “Build” action at NetBeans IDE and errors poped up. Had refactored an abstract class to an interface and seems NetBeans was only compiling parts of my code which can cause tricky to debug errors.

So whenever you see strange runtime errors, especially when refactoring some older project, make sure you use “Clean and Build” (sometimes called “Rebuild”) in your IDE to be safe.

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