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HowTo: use PivotViewer in WPF

PivotViewer is an impressive Silverlight control (see my usage at, however Microsoft never released it for WPF.

One could work arround this by embedding Silverlight in their WPF app using the WebBrowser control and talking to it via the JavaScript Bridge of Silverlight, however they could also embed one of those HTML5 PivotViewer-compatible controls that have surfaced in recent years.

Apart from LobsterPot’s HTML5 PivotViewer and its older free version, for another HTML5 PivotViewer (and also a DeepZoom implementation for HTML5) you could host that comes from former SeaDragon team members at Microsoft and seems to work very well see:

Note that the WebBrowser control uses IE7 or something as HTML engine by default and you need some meta markup at the top of your HTML to tell it to use Edge mode – the latest IE engine that is installed)

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">

PivotViewer for a rich search experience

For ClipFlair, I’m looking into implementing advanced search using Silverlight PivotViewer


You can now check out ClipFlair Gallery in all its PivotViewer with DeepZoom glory.

A really nice example of PivotViewer search is at:

This may take long time to load, since its loading 10000 children art DeepZoom image tiles

You can use the mousewheel to zoom in there or the zoom slider at top-right (can also click an item to zoom to it)

See the filters at the left handside, play with them by selecting items there at the various properties to see the images get rearranged to show only ones selected by the filters.

Has also buttons at the top-right to bin the items based on having same values at properties selected

Another good example is Netflix movie catalog:
e.g. select Sort: Genre at top-right and click Graph View button there instead of the default Grid View to see the items get binned by Genre, then start filtering them down from the left handside bar

Also see a SharePoint sites collection search with PivotViewr:

MSDN magazine collection with PivotViewer:

Finally, for a nice series of Silverlight PivotViewer programming articles by Tony Champion see: (source code) (live examples)

BTW, people are also working on HTML5 PivotViewer: (Live HTML5 Sample) (Live HTML5 Sample)

For developers, here are some direct links to .CXML (Collection XML) files:

By opening the .CXML file URL in a web browser you can see its XML-based structure.

By using ClipFlair Studio‘s Gallery component you can open most of those .CXML URLs and play with the respective collection (you use the wrench button on the Gallery component’s titlebar to turn it over and set the Source URL, then turn over again to see the collection – just wait a bit if it’s big and takes some time to load).  An alternative is to open in your browser a URL of the form

Not all of these URLs will work in ClipFlair Studio’s Gallery component though, because some servers may be using restrictive access policy files for Silverlight, not allowing a Silverlight app like ClipFlair Studio which is served from to download the .CXML file.

HowTo: Check your web browser and plugins for needed updates

Qualys BrowserCheck will perform a security analysis of your browser and its plugins to identify any security issues. You can install it at



Another useful quick online tool (needs no installation) for checking that you do have the latest in web browser technology is Browse Happy, at

Try IE9 with HTML5 showcases from Microsoft, Mozilla, Google and Apple

Since IE9 final version is being released today (, here are some HTML5 showcases from different browser makers to test it out against:

Could even try some of Google’s Chrome specific demos in case they work with IE9 too:


IE9 RC (Release Candidate) wasn’t fully HTML5 compliant last time tested mind you, but neither the other browsers were as you can see at W3C tests:

IE9 is way better though than IE8:

Can also see lots of HTML5 tests for browsers at:


BTW, it is very interesting that IE9 also supports the WOFF format (Web Open Font Format). Typeface lovers can drool freely here:


Here’s a relevant post with nice video of Mozilla’s showcase:


So should we start drooling on future WebGL support in the browsers’ world too now?

(see video at that post and find more WebGL apps at

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