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HowTo: Hide HTML markup from non-signedin users at MonoX Social CMS

At MonoX Social CMS, which I use at both ClipFlair Social and Trafilm websites, I was in the need of hiding some HTML markup when the user is not signed-in.

The solution for this is to add runat="server" to the HMTL element one wants to hide and then set the Visible property that the object acquires due to the runat clause. The Visible property is set using some special syntax to access the MonoX API like below:

<ul runat="server"
      Visible="<% $Code: Page.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated %>"  >


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HowTo: enable big file uploads at MojoPortal on IIS

Just found in my backups a batch file for enabling big uploads to MojoPortal running on IIS:

      set config "Default Web Site/portal" 

The quoted command above needs to be in a single line and obviously you have to replace “Default Web Site/portal” with your site’s virtual folder “path” as shown in IIS Manager’s tree view.

Probably can configure that via web.config in websites, but if nothing else works can try this too.

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