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HowTo: Call C# method from class that has same name as namespace


In the C# compiler error case shown above, CaptionsGrid class exists in namespace ClipFlair.CaptionsGrid so in the code we have “using ClipFlair.CaptionsGrid;” at the top of the file where we want to call the “SaveAudio” static method of CaptionsGrid class.

But then we get the error “The type or namespace name ‘…’ does not exist in the namespace ‘…’ (are you missing an assembly reference?)”

The solution is to use a more full identifier, that is use “CaptionsGrid.CaptionsGrid.SaveAudio(…)” or even use the full namespace path “ClipFlair.CaptionsGrid.CaptionsGrid.SaveAudio(…)”. In the last case you wouldn’t need the “using ClipFlair.CaptionsGrid” at all.

It is better to avoid naming the parent namespace part of a class with the same name as the class, but some times one can’t find a better name I guess.

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