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Internet Explorer 9 RC bugs at “Customize Toolbar” dialog

After upgrading from Internet Explorer 8 to IE9 RC on my Windows 7 Ultimate, I right-clicked Command bar of IE9 RC (can show that bar by right clicking at the empty are on the right of the address bar and select it) and selected “Customize Toolbar”. It showed the following dialog:



First thing I noticed there was that the Magnify/Zoom command has no label next to it in that dialog.

But then I noticed something even worse, that there are double entries in the left-side list of available toolbar buttons for adding to the command bar. Those double entries were for example Manage add-ons and SmartScreen Filter, both security related, which made me suspicious of some possible trojan infection showing me fake manage add-ons etc. security dialogs to hide itself.

I managed to Add the duplicate icons on the command bar (see bottom-right area at image below) and although the two “Manage add-ons” ones seem to invoke the same dialog with the same contents for both, one of the two “SmartScreen Filter” does nothing, whereas the other shows a dropdown menu with options when pressed.


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  1. chago
    2011/02/11 at 03:31

    when i try to open a link by right click and open in new tab, the link does not open. any of the betas had this behavior?

  2. DrewKrew
    2011/02/17 at 23:50

    These are still obvious in IE9.0 64bit RC4!!!

    • 2011/02/18 at 11:14

      Part of that issue (the duplicate icons for “manage add-ons”) was already reported at Microsoft Connect (hope they do notice there are other duplicates too).

      However I didn’t see the no-label at Zoom action listed there, hope they fix that too. I believe such labels are useful for screen readers. A blind person might not need to zoom in-out, but a short-sighted person surely will, plus they may need to invoke zoom action for somebody else to see (say at a webcast session etc.).
      Also, in the past I had suggested to Microsoft to add a search for command toolbar/action and the Office Labs team did make such a toolbar. How would you search for a command if it has no label?

  3. 2011/02/19 at 06:25

    I just submitted this to Reddit, browsers section (it was worthy). I forgot to tell you. I think I submitted it on Feb 12.

    I’ve been enjoying news.in.gr lately. Thanks!

  1. 2011/02/10 at 21:52

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