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A new(?) kind of spam in blog comments

WordPress just asked me to moderate a comment saying "of the many video clips that i download, i always watch those that are very funny" (with some emoticon ASCII chars following it). It was a comment on a post of mine about LvS which is related to video, so it looked ok, but the URL of the sender made me suspicious. It was about Rhinoplasty operations (and their page was a classic low budget promotional one), so I search for that text on the web and found out it had been posted (albeit with a different emoticon char sequence at the end) as comment at various blog posts related to video.

Seems we are facing a new kind of (most probably) automated spam targeted at specific blog post comments (probably spotted using search by term and/or popularity ranking). The solution may be for spam filters to filter out commenter’s URL (and maybe also resolve short URLs, not allowing multiple levels of short URLs or even short URLs at all). Also they could contain a database of such comments and being able to detect variations too, but risking to also flag a real user comment.

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