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Bug: “The disk is full” at base.bundle.js of #NewTwitter


Sometime ago I got the above error screen (after clicking on the error notice at the statusbar) on IE8/Vista at the new Twitter UI (aka #NewTwitter). Exactly what does “The disk is full.” error mean to say? Wonder if twimg.com (probably used to host images served by Twitter like avatar images) was itself running out of disk space and this was some error string returned via AJAX or if it’s some silly error message (maybe cause their code thought IE8 supports HTML5 local storage or something).

Maybe they’ve fixed it now, but in general even the classic Twitter UI didn’t seem to always play ok with IE8, e.g. Retweet didn’t always work (would see “Error on page” at the bottom) and you had to click on “x minutes ago” under a given status update to go to a page where you could retweet it…

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