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From a discussion on FOSS at Apple’s QuickTime VR mailing list that I jumped into:

Why should you expect people to do the work for you for free?
What if I approached your clients and offered to do all the work you were doing for free?
You’d probably be a bit miffed. Every "FOSS" I’ve used ends up dead when the lead developer goes off to do something more interesting.
I guess if you don’t want to pay for something or put the effort in yourself to create it then maybe you should look elsewhere.

My view on this is the following:

Sometimes multiple lead developers are needed to give the final touch to a software and they may be distributed in time if you get what I mean:

somebody has a nice idea, starts a project, puts in on the net as FOSS, then gives up but the idea doesn’t die off…
…can still be picked up by some other person,
either experienced dev who saves some time using the code and give back their enhancements,
or enthusiastic students who also can contribute a lot even by making/supporting a community around an s/w, much critical to its survival

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