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What I see flawed in how Microsoft Connect is being used

At a recent discussion on IE9 a user commented:

All that aside.  If you’ve announced IE9 development is under way – why isn’t Connect opened up for IE9 bug/feature submission?

I must confess – I absolutely hate the way IE bug/feature submission is handled through Connect.  Totally the wrong tool, totally un-community friendly, totally opaque, totally un-helpful, totally not improving.

What happened to all the comments about this whole public bug tracking thing getting fixed?

At this point I’m completely un-motivated to submit any bugs for IE9 if this process isn’t fixed up.

Sorry I tried to resist ranting but I’m fed up with the lack of transparency and progress with interfacing with the development community.

Here’s my view on Microsoft’s usage of Microsoft Connect (being following it from years, back since the "Microsoft Product Feedback Center" days, in fact having years ago suggested the need for a community feedback / issue tracking site for Microsoft products, partially based on my experience with Bugzilla during my work on E-Slate):

…the issue with Connect is that each product version (say IE9) is considered as a separate product.

That is they make IE9, and treat IE8 as another product. This isn’t the case with Mozilla and other non-MS products, they have a steady progress and feature/bug tracking throughout the years, not just throughout a release and support cycle.

I really hope MS changes this for flagship (especially the free ones) products like Internet Explorer and Media Players. Another reason for this treatment is they’re linked to respective Windows releases which just makes it harder for all (why bother to persuade MS to fix something in WMP if you may need to wait for the next Windows to see this fixed?)

MS is now copying bug reports to an internal DB, should use Connect instead in my opinion and keep the feedback loop open for every product (e.g. there’s no way now one can send feedback via Connect for say PowerPoint 2007)

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