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Multiple PowerPoint presentations concatenation (using VBScript / Windows Script Host)

My Microsoft PowerPoint presentations concatenation script, called PPTmerge, from the tranXform free transformations software collection has been updated to make the concatenation process less error-prone. Copying its usage instructions here:

Place the .PPT files you want to merge into the “PPTmerge” subfolder and double-click PPTmerge.vbs at the parent folder to launch PowerPoint, have the files merged and the presentation launched for review (the presentation file is named “Merged.ppt” and placed at the parent folder of the “PPTmerge” subfolder [e.g. on the desktop]). To enforce a certain merge order, name the files using an alphanumeric (sortable) prefix, for example “1 – Intro.ppt”, “2 – Management.ppt”, “3 – R&D.ppt” etc.

To remove the messagebox shown at each merge step comment out the command “MsgBox ff.Name” above, by prepending a ‘ [apostrophe] before MsgBox which will comment out that script line.

If you wish PowerPoint to close right after merging (instead of previewing the merged presentation), remove the ‘ (apostrophe), that is the whole-script-line comment char from the commands “out.Close” and “Application.Quit” and prepend the command “out.SlideShowSettings.Run” with that char (‘). Unfortunately you cannot avoid having PowerPoint application window display while merging, the command “Application.Visible = True” seems to be needed. However you could tell the PowerPoint application to start minimized (use VBA editor [show the respective toolbar at PowerPoint to find it] and press F2 to see the Object Browser, then search for minimized – if you can’t find how to do it just drop me an e-mail)

For the above to work you need PowerPoint installed (tried with Office97, Office2000, OfficeXP and Office2007) and Windows Script Host (pre-installed by default at WinXP and Windows Vista, can get it from http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms950396.aspx)

(C)opyright 2009 – Zoomicon / George Birbilis
Free to use / give due credit


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  1. Andre
    2012/03/13 at 16:48

    Hi George,

    I’ve tried the code with Office 2010 / Win7, but failed. Is there an update available?

    Cheers, Andre

  2. Andre
    2012/03/14 at 00:57

    Ok solved it – t’was actually a problem with relative vs absolute path in the older version of the script, not the one linked here. Script works for pptx as well.

    Cheers, Andre

    • 2012/03/14 at 14:02

      Seems at the SkyDrive folder I have the older version, not the newer one I have at the site.

      btw the old version kept the custom theme of 1st presentation, the new version keeps none. Looking into making each merged part keep its theme if possible or restore the previous behaviour

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