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Supporting multiple files uploading at mojoPortal opensource CMS for ASP.net

After examining several Content Management System (CMS) solutions for some years now (and not especially loving the PHP ones), I recently found that Microsoft Web Platform Installer supports automated installation of a promising opensource ASP.net CMS called mojoPortal, so I installed it for our Robotics Group portal.

The Web Platform Installer installed a recent version of the often updated mojoPortal, but not the latest one which includes multiple files uploading functionality, using the cool opensource NeatUpload control for ASP.NET (btw, if you wonder how it can show a multiple files upload dialog from a web browser, it does it using Flash under the hood). So I had to update to the most recent version of mojoPortal from CodePlex, by following the mojoPortal upgrading instructions from mojoPortal documentation.

This was an easy process, apart from the fact that ASP.net’s Xcopy deployment didn’t work very good for me on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard when performed on a live site, it was copying some of the files and then suddenly stopping the copy operation without any warning. So I had to stop the website from the IIS7 manager console (btw, there’s also a free IIS Manager for remote administration tool that can be run on Windows desktop OS), copy the new files over the old ones and then start the site again and visit the setup webpage (that URL has the form "yourSiteRoot/Setup/Default.aspx") to complete the upgrade.

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