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How to fix HP OfficeJet 6110 all-in-one multipurpose machine’s stuck scanner

At the Robotics Group‘s lab at the university, we have a multipurpose machine from HP, model "OfficeJet 6100 all-in-one". I was told today it was broken (when starting up made funny sounds from the scanner – couldn’t move the scanning lamp & sensors bar) and that the technician at a computer shop they took it at told them it wasn’t worth fixing (higher cost to send it to service than buying a new one).

They might be right about the cost of shipping to service being high, but I thought I should give it a look myself too. Recently I had fixed an "OfficeJet 5600 all-in-one" machine of my brother’s which was doing crazy sounds too when starting up cause it couldn’t move the print cartridges. That one had been fixed by blowing inside it (with just the mouth) and then placing it upside down and starting it up. The pathway/rail track on which the print cartridges are moving must had gotten some dust or little garbage that was blocking them. Was very glad I fixed it since it was a pity to throw it away – it prints very fast and the prints look very good even at draft setting.

In that older case gravity had helped for the fix, but in this case it was even more amazing how easy it was to fix the machine. At the picture below you can see a small screw at the left side (needs a small Allen key or screwdriver with small star-shaped tip to unscrew it). Have marked it inside a red circle.


After unscrewing that and removing a small plastic cover (holder) and the small rectangular glass it is holding, there’s a spring-locking switch that you have to move upwards (towards the scanner’s lid) and then just start the machine again and it works. Place the small rectangular glass back to its place and screw back its plastic holder and you’re done! Less than one minute fix that is! Easy money 🙂


That switch must have moved by itself after some shaking of the machine probably or wasn’t originally locked correctly at its place. Not sure what it’s for, probably it holds the scanning mechanism in place when constructing the machine in the factory before its final packaging for shipping to customers. No one had moved that switch by hand when we bought that machine, after all the small plastic cover that hides it needs a special screwdriver or Allen key to unscrew it that the average HP customer wouldn’t have handy.

Update: it seems that plastic cover (holder) has a plastic tip that triggers a latch to move the spring-locked switch back to its place when you close the cover. In fact moving that switch only helped for a short period of time and scanner has started to do that same noises again, trying to home the moving light scanning head and failing. Probably there’s some home sensor there (either a touch sensor or a photodiode) that’s stuck or dirty and the scanning head doesn’t detect it reached home and keeps on trying to move where it can’t and keeps on till the machine says the scanner failed (and blocks all other operation of the machine [strange design in my opinion – you’d still want to use the printer even without the scanner working]). So I’ll open up the machine and keep you posted – have to find a star-shaped screwdriver that fits the screw at the right side of the scanner’s glass which seems to be a big bigger than the one at the left side (another strange thing).

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  1. 2011/03/01 at 19:58

    seems I never found the time to open that up – hope the team didn’t just throw it in the garbage

    oh, and guess what? that other HP multimachine that gravity had helped fixing as I was saying above, eventually broke up again and is lying in my pile of brokend-down stuff to check sometime in the future. Too buggy those HP devices as it seems

  2. Phillip Wall
    2013/06/14 at 13:30

    Hey I have same problem that you speak about re the scanner head not recognising when it has returned to its start point. I have pulled the top off the scanner but to date have been unable to solve the problem. I originally got the printer because it had been thrown out due to issues with the scanner. That was like 3/4 years ago and since then has printed and scanned countless documents without fault! I didnt find any fault when I brought it home it just fired up fine when I first turned it on so its a mystery? For about the last 3/4 months it has been playing up with the scanner head not resetting. I was able to fix it by turning it off then back on again but even that doesnt work now?

    • 2013/06/19 at 13:36

      try using some air blower (there are sprays for computers) to clean up maybe (be careful to which areas you point the spray and not when printer is hot. Also try to operate it upside-down and at the sides and possibly do some gentle tapping to the sides in case there’s some garbage/dust obstructing some sensor?

  3. 2014/06/01 at 20:28

    My printer started acting up as well complaining about the failed scanner. I suspected to be a sensory problem and opened the printer to clean the glass in inspect the internals. Searching the ‘Net revealed a reset option.

    Read more about it: http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/forums/printer/22386

    I’m a happy owner again!

  4. Sashi
    2014/07/31 at 19:29

    I got the HP 5525 deskjet sometimes back. Everything was fine until last week.
    Now, the scanner is not working properly.

    When I try to scan from the computer or directly via the panel in the deskjet, the scan head traverses across the document from the left to the right end of the machine and stops there itself.

    The scan head lamp is on but it looks like it is stuck or something. The control panel in the deskjet shows scanning page till I press the power off buton in the panel. After powering off the scan head goes back to the left end of the scanner (the default position)..

    I am clueless as to what is happening in here. I am not able to find any sugestion in the forum or any other websites related to this.

    It would be really great if you can help me with this… were you too facing the same issue as mine or was your stuck to the right hand end of the machine all the time?

    • 2014/08/01 at 18:48

      have you tried the reset method mentioned in the comments here?

      else see if there is some ir sensor at the very end that needs cleaning

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