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MultiTouch designer desk idea

Here’s a reply of mine to a discussion on the impractical GUI of Touch Screen desktop PCs:

Have you seen graphics designer desks? They have a big inclination and their top (the side that’s away and opposite from you) is around your neck, whereas the close side is a bit above your lap. Of course you can’t put things on that desk, but it’s useful for designing stuff. Also they have special chairs, some with a front instead of a back that hold your chest as you work inclined a bit to the front.

My idea is that you could use a webcam and software like the opensource SwisTrack (can connect to it using TCP and get NMEA GPS text formatted coordinates from multiple moving items [it’s for tracking cockroaches and robots, but could also track fingers or whatever quickly moving thing]) to do multitouch and still have a screen in front of you that shows the items on the desk (and your hands) augmented with meta-information layers

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