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How to install osCommerce on OpenSolaris WebStack

My notes on how to install osCommerce (OpenSource PHP e-shop) on OpenSolaris WebStack

Can get official osC distribution or OSC pimpt (Greek customization for osCommerce with some nice addons by Internet Business Solutions)

See Netbeans article on using PHP with the OpenSolaris WebStack at a VM running in Sun Microsystems VirtualBox (especially notice the text that shows how to map the ports for services running inside the VM to local ports using “VBoxManage” command on the command line – btw its handy to copy that block of commands to the respective VM’s description at VirtualBox for reference in case you forget the port mappings you did)

May have to first do “pkg install SUNWxwplt” (dependency of PHP GD lib), then “pkg install SUNWgd2”.
See discussion at http://opensolaris.org/jive/thread.jspa?threadID=104163&tstart=0

At folder “/etc/php/5.2/conf.d”, rename “gd.ini.disabled” to “gd.ini” (may have to use “pfexec” to get elevated rights, e.g. “pfexec mv gd.ini.disabled gd.ini”). Then restart apache service using the following command at the command shell:
svcadm restart network/http:apache22

For installation need to give rights to configure.php (at includes and at admin/includes)
ls –l
to set rwxrwxrwx rights use
chmod 777 configure.php

* warnings at 1st visit to catalog
to set rw-r—r— rights use
chmod 644 configure.php

* admin/tools/database backup: backup directory isn’t writable
chmod 776 /var/apache2/2.2/htdocs/…../admin/backups

To administer the MySQL database used by osC, it can be handy to also install phpMyAdmin on the WebStack. See my upcoming post on this…

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