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Infinite zoom-in photograph by National Geographic Magazine

Infinite photograph is a very cool Flash application by National Geographic Magazine. It shows nature photographs and when you zoom-in, each pixel of the photo is another nature photo. When you eventually zoom-in to one of those photos and then zoom a bit more you see that photo’s pixels are also made of other nature photos and so on (that’s why they call it infinite).

Reminds a bit some new Silverlight functionality called DeepZoom and in fact it would be a cool application candidate for it. One could do some of this by hand using the DeepZoom Composer, but since it uses an XML based format, one could also generate such a file, selecting the most appropriate image for each pixel color (having grouped images by their average color beforehand for speed). Could also do this on the fly, as done at DeepEarth project on CodePlex.

Also reminds me of my past work several years ago with ATC in Greece on QuicWin software, authored in Java’s Swing and QuickTime for Java (a follow up of the Acohir research project and work based on ATC’s and London National Gallery’s expertise on white and color calibration using Macbeth charts etc.). Can see some example Java applets on the QuicWin website that allow you to zoom-in on very big color calibrated photos produced by the QuicWin software (served as a pyramidal JPEG structure from the webserver to a special skinnable Java applet I had authored for ATC). I should also note that apart from pyramidal JPEG file structure QuicWin also produces QuickTime VR object movies, a technology that still remains very impressive, despite of Apple not investing enough attention to it in the recent years.

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