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Some bugs of NetBeans IDE

NetBeans is an IDE (and a Platform for making IDEs in general) that I like a lot (in contrast to Eclipse, which I feel is more like a sum of plugins dropped all together into a container, skyrocketing the complexity). However, while using the previous version of NetBeans IDE (6.5 has just been released), I noted various issues that I record here in case anyone with more free time can check them out at the newer version:

  1. NetBeans highlighter (and background parser) doesn’t match correctly HTML tags in JSP pages if they’re not of the same case (say TD and td). This isn’t a problem for JSP servers, and shouldn’t cause parsing errors like "unmatched tag" in NetBeans, but some warning instead. It’s not only that the IDE complains about that, but that it can’t match the tags correctly in that case (pressing CTRL+] won’t go to the correct matching start/end tag)
  2. There’s no "File / Close all files" menu option
  3. When one tries to close an editor tab and is asked to save the modified file, if they press Cancel, the IDE goes to another tab (as if the previous tab had been closed)
  4. Collaboration auto-reconnect dialog’s option "Don’t show this dialog again" is ignored and you get the auto-reconnect dialog popup every time the connection to the collaboration server breaks.
  5. I’d like to be able to select multiple projects and then have Build, Clean and Build, Clean etc. common actions at the menubar and at the context-sensitive menu for the selection.
  6. Selecting "Format" at the context-sensitive menu for a Java interface file, removes newline characters and moves all comments (tried the //… ones, maybe occurs for the /*…*/ ones too) at the end of the previous line of the comment
  7. Selecting "Format" at the context-sensitive menu for a JSP file doesn’t format any Javascript code in the JSP page (maybe "Format" doesn’t work for .js files either, haven’t checked)
  8. At NetBeans "Find" pane (say when showing results from "Edit/Find in projects" menu), I’d like to see Expand/Shrink all actions (open/close the found-items tree to all or no depth respectively)
  9. If at the Projects pane we are in the middle of editing (typing-in) a new name for a project and press CTRL+F, find will be executed at the editor window, but won’t give results
  10. When renaming a project (even when you use the wizard and ask it to do any refactoring needed), at project’s .properties file (the private and the public ones) you get "oldname-srcX…" entries (e.g. for src-dir) that need manual editing, else when you move the project to other machine you get unresolved references errors and have to execute rename with refactoring again at the target machine (that last action doesn’t solve the issue still, cause moving the project to other machine again still shows the issue, till you edit the .properties files by hand and fix the oldname to the newname of the project – I usually do a Find in projects and search at the whole project for the old project name to do this fix)
  11. The find/replace preview pane should use syntax highlighting
  12. The dropdown of the find in projects dialog doesn’t always work OK (can’t select previous item in the list using the mouse)

If you find that some of the above issues have been fixed at NetBeans 6.5, please drop me an e-mail…

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