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Citizens chase away rioters at Patras, Greece

Tonight citizens actively pushed back rioters who were throwing flame bombs at the center of the Greek city of Patras. Basically, I tend to support an active citizenship behavior when Police doesn’t protect people (cause of the orders they had to avoid conflicts in the fear of injuries or deaths). After all the Greek constitution calls for the Greek people to serve and defend the laws and the rights it defines for all of us. So when I heard that the mayor of Patras, Andreas Fouras spoke mostly about some right-wing extremists that were among the thousands of Patras people who fought against the rioters, I got very disappointed with his attitude.

However, listening to him on Antenna TV channel later on, he made it clear that all those people who chased away the rioters in Patras couldn’t have been right-wing extremists and he criticized those extremists that were trying to lead people to fight against each other in the streets, since Patras has suffered a death of a teacher in the past (Nikos Temponeras) during some high school students’ uprising and school occupations (when the state for yet another time wasn’t enforcing the law to open up the schools for all those who wanted to attend them), which is of course logical for a city mayor to say.

I believe the state must stand up immediately against those who don’t respect fundamental laws of the society, whether they are rich or poor. There is no excuse for burning down others property (including public property which belongs to all of us), putting people in danger, stealing stuff from shops etc. If the state doesn’t stop this, everyday people will start fighting with those other guys in the streets and this is exactly what happened in Patras.

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