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Euro symbol in Word

Just found out (by trial and error 🙂 that there’s a quick way to insert the Euro symbol in Microsoft Word is to press CTRL+ALT+E (can use either an English or a Greek letter E, it seems to be insensitive to the current input language which is nice). Could also use Insert Symbol menu of Word, but that’s much easier if you have to use it often

Btw if you find that you cannot spot commands on the new Ribbon toolbar of Microsoft Word 2007, grab the Office Search Commands add-on from Microsoft Office Labs and search for commands using text descriptions of them. I’m glad this search the ribbon facility has been implemented, had suggested it some time ago to Microsoft (being an MVP) myself together with the search commands on the Start menu and on the Properties pane of Expression Blend (hope they add such a search feature to Visual Studio’s Properties/Events pane too).

Another way is to use the Character Map application (Start/Run…, give "charmap.exe" and press OK, or at Vista, write charmap or Character at the Start/Search field and select the "Character Map" entry that appears at the top of the Start menu once you’ve entered that search term). It allows you to Copy characters to the clipboard and paste them at the application you wish (provided you use the appropriate font to display them at the target application).

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  1. Mary
    2012/04/04 at 18:05

    Thank you for posting such a quick solution. Sorry you had to do all the trial and error, but you saved me time and frustration. Very nice that you took the time to help the rest of us.

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