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Comments on Windows Vista Business phone-based activation

I recently had to activate Windows Vista Business (Greek version 64-bit) for a client (a medical lab) that didn’t have an online connection to the Internet. So I used the phone-based activation option. This is available by selecting at activation options, the other ways to activate, then choosing to use the phone-based activation.

My first note was why it had preselected the 1st country (Afghanistan) in the list of countries there. Since I had already entered regional options and selected Greece as location (and since I was even using a Greek version of the OS), it should have preselected Greece at the drop down list of phone-based activation to save me the trouble of selecting the country once again.

(btw, I also noted here that the button "End/Finish" should be renamed to "Close", maybe it’s just the Greek translation problematic there, don’t remember what this was about)

The second note was that the automated voice response at the other end of the line was reading quite fast the activation digits, even for me who I’m used to quick data entry and I do blind typing for around 2 decades now.

At the end of the process you are asked if you want to respond to an automated customer satisfaction survey, which is nice. However at the question asking one how many times they tried to activate the product and listing the key you can press for each response range, it speaks for a long time and doesn’t allow one to respond while it’s speaking when they’ve heard the key they can press. They have to listen to the whole message which is bad (all the other AVR [Automated Voice Response] process luckily didn’t have this issue, you could respond and skip the rest of the explanation message).

Also at that satisfaction survey it was asking why I re-activated the product which is strange, since I was installing/activating it for the 1st time and used that method since I had no Internet access at that location.

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