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Checkout VORT-EX’08 (2008 Virtual Central Eastern European Remix Event):

Join the ‘Next Web’ conversation at this new, virtual live web conference where you can learn and get inspiration about principals and practices of internet business, web design and web development. What these words mean today and the potential impact of technologies, tools and techniques for the future.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enlarge your network by connecting with the experts of your sessions, developers, designers and business decision makers in Central and Eastern Europe and take the media we all love to new level of user experience.

Win! All attendees will be given access free download of Windows Server Web Edition. Additionally, everyone who participates the sessions will take part in drawings for Mobile Devices, Life Cams, Zunes and more!

To fully experience the virtual conference, make sure you install Silverlight and also that you install Microsoft Live Meeting 2007 client.

After you log-in to the virtual space, make sure you check the Backpack tab. Among other items (most ones disabled for now) there’s a nice Introductory Silverlight guide. If you wonder how you can save that PDF since it’s locked, just print it using the virtual printer driver that PDFCreator (or Adobe Acrobat Distiller) installs into a PDF file.

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