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When some colleague is searching on how to implement some software feature, or search on how to do something in general, I suggest suggest they use Copernic Agent (there’s a free version of it with advanced functionality disabled). That way they can organize their searches. They can quickly see phrases from possible solution sources (with match ranking based on how many engines returned the hit) for their search and checkmark those sources, then filter only checkmarked items to read one by one on their own pace.

Also I suggest they use search engines like koders.com that search on source code of OpenSource projects. Would be nice to have integration of such tools with one’s IDE.

For example, it would be nice if Microsoft’s Visual Studio allowed one to bookmark a webpage they see from inside the IDE. Also a better Help Favorites pane which wouldn’t allow duplicate entries and would allow one to sort the help pages they put there wouldn’t hurt. In fact I don’t see why you need to have separate Help Favorites pane and not have the system Favorites inside the IDE, allowing to put help URLs there too.

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