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Delphi 2009 released

It’s nice to see that the Delphi IDE is alive and being extended, after Borland‘s CodeGear spinoff has been acquired by Embarcadero Technologies (a database tools company).

My QTControl / QTVRControl VCL controls for Delphi and the QTVRControlX ActiveX control (with which you can place QuickTime content inside PowerPoint and other ActiveX containers like VB, .NET WinForms, MATLAB, LabView, etc.) is authored (of course) in Delphi, so I think I should definitely get this new version.

The only disappointing thing with marketing Delphi’s VCL controls has been that you need to release separate versions of VCL controls for each Delphi version, but I’ve read the new version keeps this time compatibility with the previous one on this. Luckily Delphi also functions as a fine ActiveX control container, so one can skip VCL controls altogether and use the ActiveX control at Delphi apps too (losing though the benefit of getting the control code compiled into their executable as is done with the VCL controls).

BTW, in case you didn’t catchup with Delphi’s evolution over the years, it’s not just for building Win32 applications (or Win16 ones if you only remember Delphi1 ;-), DLLs / ActiveX controls etc., but can also generate .NET applications and any other .NET assembly. They even ported the VCL framework to .NET, but also support WinForms. Haven’t checked if the latest version also supports WPF, it will be extra nice if it does.


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