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Older Lotus Notes/Domino Editor Applet throwing NoClassDefFoundError at Sun Java VM

If you copy/paste something at Notes/Domino Editor applet and it stops working, then check the Java console (can enable it from Sun Java Plugin’s options or from IE’s Tools/Internet Options/Advanced menu) if you are getting the exception:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ms/security/PermissionID
at lotus.notes.apps.editor.LFCClipboard.getSystemClipboard(LFCClipboard.java)
at lotus.notes.apps.editor.LFCClipboard.getContents(LFCClipboard.java)
at lotus.notes.apps.editor.CRTEditor.getClipboardContents(CRTEditor.java)
at lotus.notes.apps.editor.CRTEditor.doPaste(CRTEditor.java)
at lotus.notes.apps.editor.CRTEditor.keyAction(CRTEditor.java)
at lotus.notes.apps.editor.CRTEdit.processKeyEvent(CRTEdit.java)

For that same case, at this forum discussion, a solution is proposed:

In R6 Lotus this problem does not exist, that’s why we took 2 files (editor.jar and editor.cab) from R6 lotus server Java classes (dir on server: Lotus\Domino\Data\domino\java) and replaced them on R5 server. Then you need to restart your http task on server.

If the above doesn’t work, my suggestion is to decompile "lotus.notes.apps.editor.LFCClipboard" class using JAD (Java decompiler) and fix it to not import/use com/ms/security/PermissionID (for example after removing all dependencies could make the method "getContents" return an empty string and thus effectively disable the buggy paste action). Of course could also patch it to use Sun Java’s API to access the clipboard (will need to sign the applet though and also make it ask for security permission to access the clipboard via Sun’s API)

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