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Apple’s updater eating up space on your PC by leaving older installers on the disk

I use Vista Ultimate and have been installing on this system iTunes from version up to judging from the subfolders I found under programdata folder of my main/boot disk. Seems iTunes installer placed there subfolders “iTunes”, “iTunes” etc., all having a QuickTime.msi in them. Deleting all the folders named like that and keeping the latest one frees up 249MB off my disk!

There’s a “\programdata\Apple Computer\Installer Cache” with 98.5MB of old Safari installers, 164MB of old QuickTime installers (yep, the iTunes subfolders had other??? QT installers too)

there’s also a “\programdata\Apple\Installer Cache” folder of the OS disk

Deleting subfolders “Apple Mobile Device Support” up to “” (kept the latest saved me another 46MB

Total 249 +46 + 98.5 + 164 MB = 387MB

Note I’m keeping the latest installer for each product, in case one wants to uninstall it (cause some s/w fails to uninstall if its installation data is missing), but this may not be the case and maybe one can just flush the “\programdata\Apple\Installer Cache” and “\programdata\Apple Computer\Installer Cache” folders contents and save even more space

Com’on Apple, have some more respect for my harddisk space (it gets cheaper and cheaper, but imagine me discovering this after some years – it would have grown to a huge size)

update: I’ve tipped the CCleaner guys (www.ccleaner.com – very nice free tool to cleanup your PC) on this one to add, check their tool out in case it now cleans that mess up too…

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