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More than just ALT+TAB

Not many novice users know that you can hold down ALT key and click TAB key (press/depress) to switch between the last application/window you had been using and the currently focused one. But even those who’ve heard about ALT+TAB might not know about some of the following combinations:

* hold down ALT, hold down TAB: shows currently open windows menu that allows you to press TAB (or SHIFT+TAB for navigating in the reverse direction than TAB does) or LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys multiple times to select a window by releasing the ALT key on it

* hold down Windows key (START), at Windows-enabled keyboards: same as before, but you see a 3D cards view to select the window you wish (works at Vista Ultimate, might not work at low-end versions of Vista)

* press CTRL+ALT+TAB to show the open windows list and keep the list open even when you release those keys so that you can navigate with LEFT / RIGHT arrow keys or TAB / SHIFT+TAB at the list to select the item you wish pressing SPACE or ENTER on it

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