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“Copy As Path” file action at Vista

At Windows XP one used to be able to drag-drop a file from Windows Explorer onto a Command Prompt window to have its filepath entered as text at the prompt, but with Vista that stopped working. An alternative is to hold SHIFT key pressed and right click the file, then select "Copy As Path" (not sure if that option existed at XP). Then right click on the titlebar of the command prompt window and select "Edit/Paste" action to paste the filepath into the command prompt window.

One wonders though why drag-drop doesn’t work anymore (was way easier), plus why one can’t copy-paste a file and have the command-prompt window be clever enough to enter the filepath for that file into the command prompt (since when copying a file from windows explorer, a reference to it is added to the clipboard, not the file contents themselves). So MS should make Vista’s command prompt window be at least as good as the one we used to have at XP, not worse in usability.

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