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Continuous Integration

a good reading from http://confluence.public.thoughtworks.org/display/CCNET/What+is+Continuous+Integration

The practice of continuous integration represents a fundamental shift in the process of building software. It takes integration, commonly an infrequent and painful exercise, and makes it a simple, core part of a developer’s daily activities. Integrating continuously makes integration a part of the natural rhythm of coding, an integral part of the test-code-refactor cycle. Continuous integration is about progressing steadily forward by taking small steps.

Read more over there, and follow-on the link to this article too:


The Thoughtworks guys are behind CruiseControl.NET, a reference to which I found at Codeplex, Microsoft’s repository for opensource projects (similar to SourceForge, Google Code etc.):

CruiseControl.NET (CCNet) consists of a suite of applications, but at its core is the CruiseControl.NET Server which is an automated integration server.

The Server automates the integration process by monitoring the team’s source control repository directly. Every time a developer commits a new set of modifications, the server will automatically launch an integration build to validate the changes. When the build is complete, the server notifies the developer whether the changes that they committed integrated successfully or not.


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