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Delphi (6+): File not found: ‘DesignIntf.dcu’

A mental note about something of the past that I might be faced against in the future:
If you get the message
File not found: ‘DesignIntf.dcu’
at Delphi 6+, make sure you split your code in a runtime and a designtime-only package and put all component/property editors and anything Delphi IDE related into the designtime-only package, as explained at:
for an example see JEDI-QuickTime (QuickTime API port to Delphi), the packages QuickTimeComponents and QuickTimeComponents_Design (it was a single package that had to be split to two to compile at Delphi6+). Luckily I had noted there the solution cause I needed it for my QT4All project (VCL and ActiveX controls for QuickTime) that builds on my JEDI-QuickTime opensource core.
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