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Having myself allergic rhinitis and suffering in recent years, I’d like to share some interesting posts on MSN about allergies:
Cold or allergy Which is it
Allergy-Proof Your Home
Food Allergies – Topic Overview
Food allergies – Food labels list top 8 allergens
Allergic Reaction – Topic Overview
Allergic Rhinitis – Overview
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  1. George
    2008/08/01 at 00:56

    Eventually I found out I have (from birth) low serum IgA (selective IgA deficiency) which explains the allergic profile (it goes hand in hand with high serum IgE which is related to allergies). It\’s not an expensive blood test to measure your IgA, IgG, IgE and IgM levels, so you should do it if you suffer from allergies (there\’s also IgD but rarely measured since they haven\’t found exactly what it\’s role is yet). It\’s useful to know that one has selective IgA deficiency since they should be careful when receiving blood transfer (say in case of an accident or some planned surgery) to get properly processed blood with removed IgA (cause they may present anaphylaxia to the donor\’s IgA – an accute allergic reaction) or to get their own blood (self-donation, you can give some blood earlier on and get it when needed – this works in case you\’re going to have some planned surgery)

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