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Going for a new antivirus

After some time using AVAST, and suggesting it to my friends (since it has home edition for free and has good detection rates), I got disappointed by some repeated false positive alerts (to verify a false positive try www.jotti.org’s online antivirus service that lets you upload a file and checks it with many antivirus scanners) and by slow response of the system with WinXP (I didn’t see such problem with Win2000 in the past), plus incompatibility with Vista, and decided to move on.
Now trying Kaspersky antivirus, cause I’m hearing it’s good and fast, plus not consuming many resources on the machine
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  1. George
    2007/04/17 at 22:10

    Kaspersky wasn\’t bad, but I selected all the advanced options that were giving me too many prompts and finally decided to remove it. Tried Trend\’s InocculateIT then but removed it when it stopped bringing my POP3 e-mail to Outlook after sometime (for not any obvious reason. That later one was much slower than Kaspersky I think

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