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My “Zinkmo!” online bookmarks

Have been looking for long time now for a good bookmark sync (between browsers and machines) and publish (+remote collaboration on editing/adding bookmarks) service. I think I have found it at Zinkmo! and started synchronizing my favorites and sharing them online with it.

Very nice service, has an online editor but also sync local add-on for IE and for Mozilla. Via the online editor you can select which bookmark subfolders to make public (and from the local app can also select which are private). Can also have some be accessible via invitation and define contributors for them (other people allowed to edit the bookmarks)

So, here are my public bookmarks (more to be made public in the near future):

 Zinkmo : Public Profile (George Birbilis)

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  1. George
    2007/02/16 at 00:07

    After syncing happily my local IE7 with Mozilla, I moved on to also add to the equation two other remote machines with IE7, losing some of my favorites in the process. Luckily I had exported my favorites via IE\’s File/Export menu first so I can reimport them now. Must be a Zinkmo bug having to do with loss of connection during sync or something like that

  2. Unknown
    2007/02/20 at 21:47

    If you have any more details regarding this issue could you forward them to me via:
    Also, if you can reproduce the problem please send me the steps.
    Lastly, we backup your bookmarks in a few places so if you find you\’re missing anything let me know and I\’ll show you how to recover them.

  3. George
    2007/05/03 at 11:25

    Luckily, the Zinkmo guys restored my favorites. It seems they just mark items as deleted online and not really purge them. Very useful in case an accident happens, since they can restore them. After that you just "reset" your local zinkmo app (it has such option) and then let it resync (or press the button it has to resync)

  4. George
    2007/06/27 at 15:35

    note that if you have them undelete your favorites you have to go to the online bookmarks manager at your account on their site and republish each public folders you had

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