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Hepatitis A info

Some useful info links on Hepatitis A and other types of Hepatitis:





Some quick info:

Regarding Hep-A, it can be dangerous for some people when you get sick with it, but after some months you’re pretty much ok and you’re not infectious anymore, plus you’re immune to it for the rest of your life. It can also be food-borne and in countries where there’s good water  network, a source of infection is children and some teenagers cause they usually show no signs of sickness during the infectious period, that’s why children shouldn’t be much arround places where food is prepared. The article about transmision of Hepatitis A by food, mentioned above has some interesting statistics for the US.

Regarding Hep-B, which is more tricky, there’s a vaccine for it.

Some other types of Hep are more dangerous, with no vaccines for them yet

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